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Amaranth vase creates a beautiful atmosphere and is perfect for holidays or special occasions. Find out why it’s your number one choice.
Many people enjoy preserving flowers, especially when they are in a vase. The main problem was maintaining it. As a result, the flower withers before its time, the vase breaks, and people are left disappointed.

You don’t have to be discouraged; The modern amaranth vase is the answer to keeping a flower and its vase fresh for a long time. The amaranth vase is a significant evolution of the traditional flower vase. This unique vase is stylish and beautiful, with a sophisticated 3D diamond pattern and elegant appearance.

The Amaranth Vase

The concept of the diamond design on the flower vase is to offer a simple, sophisticated touch. It also serves as a gripping surface to reduce slip accidents. Made from a mixture of marble powder and acrylic, the Amaranth Vase is virtually unbreakable.

This unusual mix of materials gives the vase a sublime and luxurious look. This functional design is available in five colors to suit every taste. The colors are white, black, mint green, pink and cool grey.

The Amaranth Vase Company is American owned and based in Texas. The company put a lot of effort into 2018 to rethink how vase flowers can be preserved through simple, no-fuss flower care.

How it works

The design of the vase makes it easy to maintain floral arrangements. All that is required is to follow these 3 steps: rotate, drain and trim.

Twist the bowl in the middle, and the small hole of the vase at the bottom will expand, effectively releasing the used water. No need to empty the vase to remove and refill the vase with water. Remove the top of the vase to hold your floral arrangement together. This makes it easier for you to cut the stems without removing the whole bouquet from the vase.

To close the drain hole at the bottom, turn the base again after screwing the two pieces back together. Feel free to put enough water in the vase to make the flowers last as long as possible. With this simple process you can refresh your flowers and eliminate bacteria without removing them from the vase in seconds. This gives you longer access to fresh flowers.

Available sizes

There are two main sizes on offer, namely:
● A small size that is about 7.5 inches tall and can hold a few stems.
● A larger size that is approximately 10″ tall and is perfect for at least a dozen or more roses. It has a dimension of 10″x3.5″ and the weight is 2.2 LBS.

The scientific basis of the amaranth vase

Numerous studies show that the growth of bacteria accelerates the fading of fresh flowers. Hundreds of microorganisms, including bacteria and yeast, thrive in traditional vases and shorten the life of flowers by sticking to their stems. Fresh flowers release nutrients such as carbohydrates and amino acids into the vase, creating a favorable environment for many microbes.

Also, the degradation process gives the water a bad odor. The drainage function of the amaranth vase makes it relatively easy to take care of your flowers compared to other flower vases. So you can easily reach the flower stems to cut them, and the water can be drained and replaced. As a result, it can extend the life of flowers, stop rapid mold growth and contribute to a healthy fragrance in the home or office.


Because of the clever design, you can keep your bouquets alive longer while minimizing clutter and time-consuming maintenance.

● It’s easy to set up with no technical knowledge required.
● It is affordable compared to other brand vases.
● The impact-resistant design of the flower vase ensures your safety at all times.
● The stems are easily accessible, which means that the flowers last longer.
● Its design makes it perfect for centerpieces, beds, dressers, corridors or livens up any corner of the home.
● It is a beautiful vase that will withstand corrosive mildew stains and will not tip over when disturbed by children or animals.
● Its elegant, captivating design and modern 3D geometric pattern make it a perfect addition to any bouquet.


● The fact that there are only two sizes.
● Few colors are available. It would be better if it came in different colors.

Cleaning procedure for flowers and the vase

Do not wash the vase in the dishwasher. It is easy to hand wash with lukewarm water and dish soap. In order for the flowers to thrive, the water in the vase should be changed every 2-4 days to ensure a healthy atmosphere.

Start a daily water change if you notice a strange musty smell. If the water in the vase is cleaner, less bacteria will thrive on the flower stems.

Where can I buy an amaranth vase and how much does it cost?

The official website is the only place where you can buy this item online without falling victim to scammers. The following are the prices offered on their exclusive website. However, please note that the prices listed here are subject to change without notice. Therefore, always check the current prices on the official website.

● Buying an amaranth vase costs $40.
● The offer to buy 2 and get 1 free pack costs $110.
● You can buy 3 pieces and gift 2 of them for $167.99.

Amaranth Vase Customer Service is available Monday through Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET (Phone: 305-998-6990). Alternatively, you can email sales @


Shipping is free for purchases over $50. Most purchases are dispatched within 48 hours and delivered within three business days from confirmation of payment.

return policy

There’s a fantastic return policy, although the company has little to no dissatisfaction. If you are unhappy with the vase, you can return the item within 30 days of receiving your order. The company always works with customers to ensure their satisfaction if the product has any issues.


Amaranth Vase creates a beautiful atmosphere, is perfect for holidays or special occasions, and helps you care for your flowers with minimal stress. The next time you need a vase for your bouquet, consider Amaranth Vase.

Visit the official website to order the Amaranth Vase >>>

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