Carnegie International takes on the era of the US superpower – 71Bait

At the opening ceremony of his museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1895, industrialist Andrew Carnegie—who later sold his steel company and became America’s richest man—articulated a vision radically different from his contemporaries Andrew Mellon and Henry Clay Frick, who founded the museum founded, difference . “There is a great field behind us that would be … Read more

The Ackland Art Museum in Chapel Hill, NC opens a Rembrandt exhibit – 71Bait

Rembrandt’s Landscape with Canal and Boats is on display at the Ackland Art Museum in Chapel Hill, NC as part of Drawn to Life: Master Drawings from the Age of Rembrandt in the Peck Collection, which includes dozens of drawings from the 17th and 18th centuries 18th century includes 17th century drawings by Dutch and … Read more

Gates and Portals Review by Marina Abramović – why indulge in these razor-thin ideas? | art – 71Bait

MArina Abramović’s 2010 New York show The Artist Is Present made her a global icon, but she’s not personally present in the mystical extravagance of her new show Gates and Portals. However, she showed up at the press conference to explain that since becoming a celebrity, she wants to retire from her work to let … Read more

Portland Timbers’ George Fochive connects with himself, his culture through upcoming art gallery – 71Bait

Portland Timbers center fielder George Fochive is hosting an arts gala in Portland on October 6th featuring his work, the culmination of a lifetime of experience and a newfound commitment to a longstanding passion. It’s a big change from the routine of professional football, but a welcome one. Fochive’s creativity was evident from an early … Read more

This new art collective is taking Denver by augmented reality – 71Bait

Activist art takes many forms, from performances to paintings to poetry. In 1916 Dadaists Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings set up the Cabaret Voltaire in a Zurich café, where they invited creatives like Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Sophie Täuber-Arp to engage in an anarchic performance art that made a stand against the First World … Read more

World Cup hero and ex-Tottenham star Ilie Dumitrescu now runs an art gallery in Bucharest – 71Bait

WORLD CUP hero Ilie Dumitrescu has created artworks on the pitch – but is now running a lucrative business by flogging them instead. The Romanian legend and former Tottenham star, who was bought by then-boss Ossie Ardiles for £2.6million, is a well-known art dealer in his homeland. 12 Today, Ilie Dumitrescu makes a living selling … Read more