Forrest Bess was a fisherman by day and a painter of wild visions by night. A new show explores his legacy – 71Bait

The painter Forrest Bess (1911–77) lived most of his adult life in a ramshackle house he built in a bayou in Chinquapin, Texas, a rural part of the state on the Gulf of Mexico. 1956 a writer for the Houston Chronicle called it “the loneliest place in Texas”. Bess’ home, a bait fisherman by trade, … Read more

See Inside the Anxious, Twisted World of Lucian Freud in a major retrospective at London’s National Portrait Gallery – 71Bait

The National Gallery in London will bring together a selection of rarely shown paintings by Lucian Freud for a major retrospective opening next month marking the artist’s 100th birthday. The show is considered one of the most significant surveys of the life and career of the late British painter in more than a decade. Among … Read more

Artnet’s Solomon Bass discusses how five works from our current auction embody the modern ethos – 71Bait

The 20th century moved at breakneck speed: city lights and machines worked vividly with the energy of industrial creation, while avant-garde artists such as those in Wassily Kandinsky’s circle and the Futurists attempted to capture the kinetics of the world through visual means to synergize. Kandinsky in his famous 1911 paper Of the spiritual in … Read more

Spotlight: The FotoFocus Biennale, the world’s widest offering of lens-based art, returns for its sixth edition – 71Bait

Every month, hundreds of galleries add newly available work from thousands of artists to the Artnet Gallery Network – and every week we spotlight an artist or exhibition you should know about. Check out what we have in stock and inquire for more with a simple click. What you need to know: Cincinnati-based non-profit organization … Read more

It was okay to show this painting in China a decade ago. Now it has been censored – 71Bait

An abstract painting by a Chinese artist, reportedly based on a photograph of Japanese WWII kamikaze pilots, has been removed from an exhibition in Beijing after visitors reported the work to police. The incident has raised concerns about further artistic censorship at a particularly turbulent political time ahead of the Communist Party’s grand convention in … Read more

Inside the Affordable Art Fair, where artists pose as dealers and paintings fly off the walls – 71Bait

The gallerist at stand E14 approached me first and threw himself directly into a sales pitch. He explained that what appeared to be paintings on the wall behind us were actually ultra-high-resolution photos taken by artist Dan Piech using a camera about 140 times more powerful than an iPhone. Technology had transformed the paint-splattered sidewalks … Read more

With NFT prices soaring, can ‘phygital’ art keep collectors from walking away? – 71Bait

March 2021 will forever be remembered as the month NFTs went kaboom and broke into the mainstream with Beeple Everyday life: The first 5000 days sold to crypto entrepreneur Metakovan for $69.3 million. Suddenly the art world took notice and overnight NFTs became the most talked about topic of the year. From SNL to Snoop … Read more

“Never seen anything like it before”: Steve Martin on becoming one of Australia’s top collectors of Indigenous art – 71Bait

Steve Martin has been in the headlines again lately thanks to his starring role in the hit Hulu comedy Only murders in the building. But he also has a star at the National Arts Club in New York this fall, which is presenting a small but impressive exhibition of Indigenous Australian art from the actor’s … Read more

Unionized workers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art are on strike until they strike a deal with management – 71Bait

For the second time in two weeks, workers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) are on strike as contract negotiations with the institution stalled. Today, rather than reporting to work, members of the union – a group of more than 150 employees representing nearly all departments at the museum – will demonstrate outside the … Read more

The Met features incredible pottery by the often unnamed enslaved potters who worked in the American South – 71Bait

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has organized an important exhibition of 50 ceramic objects made by enslaved African American potters working in far west South Carolina in the 19th century. “In the decades leading up to the Civil War, a prosperous alkali-glazed stoneware industry developed in the Old Edgefield District, a clay-rich area,” the museum … Read more