The surprising new record for Ernie Barnes didn’t come from left field. We Deconstruct The Sugar Shack Selling Playbook – 71Bait

The seller’s remorse is genuine. Just ask Los Angeles art collector Jim Epstein. A longtime supporter of artist Ernie Barnes (1938-2009), Epstein was as surprised as anyone when he read last week that his iconic painting The Sugar Shack (1976), made $15.3 million at Christie’s New York. The defense attorney owned the work for more … Read more

Art Industry News: World’s most expensive car just sold at secret auction for $143 million + more stories – 71Bait

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Collectors flock to Comfort Food at Frieze New York, with early sales of a $1.3 million Baselitz and interior paintings – 71Bait

How much art can New York accommodate? That question is front and center for many in the third week of a spring marathon in the city, which began with the newly christened New York Art Week on May 4 and continued with a spate of evening auctions. This week, sales at Sotheby’s and Phillips go … Read more

In the art world’s exclusive Queer Backgammon League, Russian traders leave Moscow and more art world gossip – 71Bait

Artnet News brings you Wet Paint, a gossip column with original stories, every week. If you have a tip, email Annie Armstrong at [email protected]. AN EVENING IN THE LESBIAN AND BISEXUAL BACKGAMMON LEAGUE “This is the fourth party I’m throwing this week,” he sighed wearily Stefania Bortolambarefoot and in blue jeans, lying lazily on a … Read more

After a two-year hiatus, the Taipei Dangdai Fair returns to carve out a niche in an increasingly fragmented Asian market – 71Bait

It’s smaller and in a new location, but Taipei Dangdai is making a comeback this week after a nearly two-year hiatus (and a new wave of Covid infections sweeping the island). The art fair’s return is not only a sign of Taiwan’s policy shift from zero-Covid to living with the virus, it is also a … Read more

Art dealer and collector Fabienne Lévy on the escaped work by Urs Fischer and the work by Jeff Koons she would like to own – 71Bait

Fabienne Lévy was born for art. With two parents who encouraged her curiosity and a mother who particularly encouraged her interests, she grew up enjoying the visual delights of art galleries, museums and art fairs around the world. Art does indeed run in the family: Her sister is art dealer Dominique Lévy from the newly … Read more

Sotheby’s posted a solid $408.5 million in New York modern art sales, fueled by the reliable churn of top-notch Monets and Picassos – 71Bait

The disruption to conventional auction categories in recent years has made today’s modern art auction at Sotheby’s a little disorienting. Reliable trophy names such as Monet and Picasso were offered alongside more recent works by Philip Guston, Barnett Newman and Tamara de Lempicka – and works in the former category stole the show tonight. The … Read more

US Department of Justice is suing mega-collector Steve Wynn for allegedly being a Chinese government agent + other stories – 71Bait

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Who was Janet Sobel, the Ukrainian-born abstract artist who created Drip Paintings years before Jackson Pollock? – 71Bait

Years before Jackson Pollock was immortalized in the pages of life Magazine – a cigarette dangling from his mouth, paint slinging across a canvas on his studio floor – Janet Sobel created her own unique drip paintings. Sobel, a Ukrainian immigrant and mother of five, lay down in her Brighton Beach apartment, still wearing her … Read more

NFT pioneer Olive Allen aims to introduce the art world to the Metaverse. Her vision doesn’t look like Zuckerberg’s – 71Bait

The Metaverse is a lofty, nebulous concept. It’s also a purple storefront on Franklin Street in New York. At least that’s the idea behind Olive Allen’s new exhibition at the Postmasters Gallery, which purports to recreate the Web3 world in the white cube. The title is at the same time an ominous invitation: ​​”Welcome to … Read more