[+] Billionaire Philanthropist Unveils Next Design Statement – 71Bait

Billionaire philanthropist and art collector Judith Neilson is preparing to make her next design statement with plans for an $18.5 million warehouse conversion to create a modern private residence. The proposal is touted as an opportunity to create a future example of “world-class adaptive reuse” of an existing commercial building. “This builds on applicant Judith … Read more

Nada Sulaimani uses artworks as a bridge between cultures and peoples – 71Bait

Okaz/Saudi Gazette JEDDAH – Nada Sulaimani, a renowned Saudi visual artist, uses her artistic talent as a bridge connecting art and art lovers, cultures and peoples. During her student days, there were glimpses of her artistic talent. At first she began to draw pictures in her classmates’ notebooks. Accounting was her passion and so she … Read more

FE McWilliam Gallery and Silver Making Jewelery Courses conclude the Banbridge Fire and Light Festival – Armagh I – 71Bait

As the Banbridge Fire and Light Show weekend draws to a close on Saturday, tickets are still available for some of the fantastic events around town. Explore the history and heritage of Banbridge with a free exhibition and gallery tour at FE McWilliam Gallery on Saturday 23 April. Unleash your creative side with a range … Read more

Latest News – A street art mural in Zimbabwe depicts a divided society – 71Bait

King Lobengula holds Mbuya Nehanda in the mural. Screenshot/Leeroy Spinx Brittain aka Bow Of Barnabas Ticha Muvhuti, Ph.D. in Art History, Rhodes University The Shona and the Ndebele are Zimbabwe’s two most dominant ethnic groups. Explaining the pervasive tension between them, historian Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni points to the ruling Shona-dominated government’s … Read more