How Mark Zuckerberg can get Facebook “back on track.” – 71Bait

Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership puts Meta on the path to failure, says a Harvard management expert — but it’s not a lost cause. All Zuckerberg has to do is take a long vacation. That’s the proposal for Zuckerberg from Bill George, a senior fellow at Harvard Business School and former CEO of medical technology company Medtronic. … Read more

Four out of five pregnancy-related deaths in the US are preventable CDC Online Newsroom – 71Bait

More than 80% of pregnancy-related deaths were preventable, according to 2017-2019 data from the Maternal Mortality Review Committees (MMRCs), which are representatives from diverse clinical and non-clinical backgrounds who review the circumstances surrounding pregnancy-related deaths to make recommendations about future ones prevent deaths. Information from MMRCs in 36 US states on the leading causes of … Read more

Rising to royalty: Five Dalhousie Scholars presented one of Canada’s top academic honors – Dal News – 71Bait

Today (September 6, 2022), the Royal Society of Canada inducted five world-class researchers from Dalhousie into its ranks in recognition of their outstanding scientific, scientific and artistic achievements. These include three Fellows and two new members of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Dalhousie’s newest fellows are John Archibald of the Faculty of … Read more

AI asked to create images of “last selfies ever taken” delivers nightmarish results – 71Bait

Apocalypse Influencers! The AI ​​is asked to “think” what the last SELFIE ever taken on Earth would look like and proceeds to produce nightmarish images DALL-E AI, developed by OpenAI, is a new system that can generate complete images when fed natural language descriptions A TikTok user asked the AI ​​to show what he thinks … Read more