iPad painting by David Hockney in Sakıp Sabancı Museum – 71Bait

ISTANBUL “Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020”, organized by Sakıp Sabancı Museum with the support of Akbank, opened on May 11 and presented 116 iPad paintings announcing the arrival of spring. class=”cf”> David Hockney, one of the most inspirational artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, made the paintings on his iPad at his home in … Read more

The immersive thrill of Matisse’s The Red Studio – 71Bait

Henri Matisse’s large painting The Red Studio (1911) is such a familiar icon of modern art that you may wonder what else there is to say – let alone consider – about it. Quite a lot, as a jewelry box from a show at the Museum of Modern Art proves. The exhibition surrounds the eponymous … Read more

Colombian Artist Thomas Hermansader Will Sell Valuable Paintings Of Lancaster Landmarks During The First Friday Exhibition | entertainment – 71Bait

“The secret is to let everything underneath show through,” says Thomas Foster Hermansader, a local artist. Best known for his watercolor and oil paintings of Lancaster County’s historic landmarks, the artist discusses his technique of layering paint. The process he says, which is similar to Andrew Wyeth’s egg tempera technique, can involve perhaps over 100 … Read more

The first major American art exhibition of the greatest portrait painter of the 16th century – 71Bait

Hans Holbein was one of the greatest portrait painters of the Northern European Renaissance and one of the greatest German-born painters in art history. Holbein enjoyed enriching personal and professional friendships with some of the 16th century’s boldest names: Desiderius Erasmus, Sir Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell and, most famously, King Henry VIII It’s hard to … Read more

Eri Wakiyama’s surreal, manga-inspired paintings reflect her inner world – 71Bait

Eri Wakiyama’s New York bedroom is covered in stickers. There are the ones left behind by her friends who work in the fashion industry representing various cool downtown brands and labels, random sticky souvenirs she’s collected over the years, and ’90s throwbacks to Lisa Frank and hello kitty Her latest solo show, currently on view … Read more