A Cincinnati artist confronts racism and social injustice with the latest issue at Weston Art Gallery | Fine Arts | cincinnati – 71Bait

click to enlarge Photo: Tony Walsh Artist Michael Coppage American+ The exhibition at Weston Art Gallery features portraits of black and white men and women standing in a police line, wearing shirts bearing common phrases using the words black and white: black head, black ice , black market, white christmas, white lie, white lion. Upon … Read more

Members-only art collectors club launching in Detroit with “mystery work” by local artists | Art Stories & Interviews | Detroit – 71Bait

click to enlarge Bre’ann White/ Photo courtesy Left to right: Amna Asghar, Dejha Carrington, Judy Bowman and Darryl DeAngelo Terrell at a pre-launch for Commissioner Detroit. Would you be willing to spend $1,000 on an art collection you couldn’t see before if it meant supporting local artists? This is how the commissioner of the art … Read more

The best things to do in St. Louis this weekend September 23-25 ​​| Art Stories & Interviews | st louis – 71Bait

click to enlarge EGAN O’KEEFE Taste of St. Louis will feature approximately 30 local food vendors. This could be the busiest weekend of the year so far in the St. Louis area. If leather competitions aren’t your thing, check out Shakespeare, Tower Grove Pride, walking tours of the city’s hotspots, or the Greater St. Louis … Read more

Exhibit on Northside’s CLLCTV (DSGN) to celebrate Cincinnati cartoonist and sign painter Justin Green | Fine Arts | cincinnati – 71Bait

click to enlarge Photo: Provided by Julia Green Justin Green works on the Binky Brown meets the Holy Virgin Mary comic series. After Justin Green passed away in April, ArtWorks CEO and Artistic Director Colleen Houston remembered him as “one of the greatest art icons in our community.” He was that and much more. His … Read more

Recap: In Tampa, Jobsite’s ‘Picasso’ Will Make You Laugh | Local Art | tampa – 71Bait

click to enlarge Photo by Pritchard Photography c/o Jobsite Theater (LR) Sydney Reddish, Brian Matthew Shea (Freddy), Blake Smallen (Einstein) and Jada Canty (Germaine) in “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” at the Jobsite Theater in Tampa, Fla. through October 5, 2022. Director Kari Goetz skillfully sets our expectations for Jobsite Theater’s hilarious “Picasso at the … Read more

Young Detroit artists transformed the former Greektown PizzaPapalis into a fashion pop-up and gallery | Art Guide Autumn | Detroit – 71Bait

click to enlarge courtesy photo Earlier this summer, Trent Garcons and Andrew Judnic set up a fashion and art pop-up in Greektown’s former PizzaPapalis building. Trent Garcons, 18, of Detroit, and Andrew Judnic, 20, of Grosse Pointe, have made new history in a historic building in Greektown. The two crossed paths on their creative journeys … Read more

Paint Louis commemorates 25 years | Art Stories & Interviews | st louis – 71Bait

click to enlarge John Harington Paint Louis was founded in 1997 and has grown over the 25 years since. The origins of Paint Louis, the city’s annual celebration of graffiti and mural painting, date back to the Delmar Loop in the late ’80s, early ’90s. Where the Chuck Berry statue now stands, there was a … Read more

The Quietus | Properties | craft/work – 71Bait

Richard Bell, Umbrella Embassy, ​​2022, Installation view: Fridericianum, June 14, 2022. Photo: Nicolas Wefers Every five years since 1955, the German city of Kassel has hosted the Documenta, a huge exhibition that takes place at various locations in the metropolitan area. Documenta is a contemporary art showcase with an outstanding history and this is its … Read more

San Antonio is full of fun distractions that fit a college student’s budget | Art Stories & Interviews | San Antonio – 71Bait

click to enlarge Facebook / Blue Star Arts Complex San Antonio’s Blue Star Arts Complex has become a mainstay in the arts scene, offering more than just galleries to browse. College life is more than late-night study sessions. It really should be the time of our lives, even if we don’t always … Read more

The mural by Roberto Marquez commemorates the 53 migrants who arrived in San Antonio this summer | Art Stories & Interviews | San Antonio – 71Bait

click to enlarge Marco Aquino Marquez’s Picasso-inspired mural of a red tractor trailer with dozens of migrants is spread across four large panels. Six weeks after 53 migrants died in the back of a sweltering tractor trailer abandoned in southwest San Antonio, a memorial continues to grow at the site. This desolate … Read more