The future of retail brings fashion, Web3 and NFTs into immersive commerce – 71Bait

TheMall is referred to as a 100-story, 100-million-square-foot “metamall” in cyberspace. It is a … [+] Combination of e-commerce and pure experience. Much has been written about the “mixing” of physical and digital under the sign of “unified commerce”. At the same time, we are being inundated with all things Metaverse, aka Web3. Are … Read more

Traditional calligraphy makes a comeback with the faith-inspired creations of this master Penman – 71Bait

Jake Weidmann revives the fine art of calligraphy and a traditional, faith-based approach to art Before Jake Weidmann gets down to paper, he listens to classical music to calm his heart and clear his mind. The slightest tension would choke the flow of the feather’s dance. The slightest tremor would produce an error in the … Read more

For the artist Urvashi Adhye, the canvas is her workplace – 71Bait

When Urvashi Adhye first created an artwork inspired by the Gond tradition, she was 21 years old. Her father had received a greeting card with a pair of birds on it, made by a Gond artist. Fascinated, Adhye replicated the painting on canvas and gifted her version of it to her then-boyfriend-now-husband. “Hanging in our … Read more