The future of retail brings fashion, Web3 and NFTs into immersive commerce – 71Bait

TheMall is referred to as a 100-story, 100-million-square-foot “metamall” in cyberspace. It is a … [+] Combination of e-commerce and pure experience. Much has been written about the “mixing” of physical and digital under the sign of “unified commerce”. At the same time, we are being inundated with all things Metaverse, aka Web3. Are … Read more

What I’m Buying and Why: Avatar star CCH Pounder on building a collection of more than 500 works by Caribbean and African diaspora artists – 71Bait

When award-winning actress CCH Pounder is not in front of the camera, she can often be found in artists’ studios, art fairs and biennials around the world playing her other favorite role: the art collector. Pounder has received critical acclaim for her performances as Dr. Obtained Loretta Wade NCIS: New OrleansClaudette Wyms on the cop … Read more