When he turned 50, Jason Boyd Kinsella left an advertising career to pursue art. Two years later, his paintings are selling for nearly $500,000 – 71Bait

Patrizia Koenig tends to be conservative in her estimates, and the arrival of a Jason Boyd Kinsella painting for consignment at Phillips some four months before the auction house’s spring sale was hardly an exception. She judged that as the artist’s thaw Portrait would sell for a maximum of $10,000, a desirable upper limit for … Read more

Eight years ago, Genieve Figgis painted for an audience in her kitchen. Now collectors are clamoring for their six-figure works – 71Bait

Sometime in 2013, Irish artist Genieve Figgis received a Twitter message from someone unexpected. She had only started using the platform months ago and found something in it that she didn’t have access to anywhere else: a place to show her pictures. “I felt a bit lost and didn’t fit into what art is in … Read more

Phillips $225m night sale is biggest night ever led by amazing Basquiat – 71Bait

Fueled by Basquiat, Klein, Calder, Kusama and a host of newer stars, Phillips’ 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale on Wednesday raised $225 million, a milestone for the auction house. The auction was 100 percent sold, both by lot and value. Not only did it represent a staggering 90 percent increase over last year’s … Read more