When he turned 50, Jason Boyd Kinsella left an advertising career to pursue art. Two years later, his paintings are selling for nearly $500,000 – 71Bait

Patrizia Koenig tends to be conservative in her estimates, and the arrival of a Jason Boyd Kinsella painting for consignment at Phillips some four months before the auction house’s spring sale was hardly an exception. She judged that as the artist’s thaw Portrait would sell for a maximum of $10,000, a desirable upper limit for … Read more

Louise Nevelson was once as famous as Andy Warhol. Here’s why their market has lagged so far behind their peers – 71Bait

Best known for her monochromatic painted wood sculptures, Louise Nevelson is considered one of the most important artists of the post-war era – but her market has only recently begun to catch up. In her lifetime, Nevelson – a woman with an incredible sense of personal style, which was also part of her work – … Read more

Christie’s Hong Kong sale beats expectations with proceeds of US$184 million, setting 11 new market star records – 71Bait

It must be a sign of the new reality we live in that no one batted an eyelid when a major Christie’s evening auction was broadcast live from Hong Kong to the world today. Telephone banking specialists in London and those working the wee hours in New York jumped into competition for the lots on … Read more

At Taipei Dangdai, traders report fast sales and sell-out booths, a strong sign of the growing regional market – 71Bait

With Art Basel Hong Kong opening later this week, the art market has been looking for clues as to how ongoing travel restrictions and pandemic safety measures across Asia could impact sales. Last week’s Dangdai in Taipei saw consistently strong sales despite reassuringly sunny forecasts, even though Taiwan’s borders remained closed to most international visitors. … Read more