Rarely seen paintings by JRR Tolkien depict a lush ‘Lord of the Rings’ landscape | Smart Messages – 71Bait

Extract from Tolkien Conversation with Smaug1937 Courtesy of Tolkien Estate / © The Tolkien Estate Limited In his high fantasy novels, British author JRR Tolkien combined his academic training in languages ​​and his love of storytelling to create Middle-earth, a fictional continent populated by wizards, elves, orcs, dragons, hobbits, talking trees and other mythical creatures … Read more

New class underlines fashion sustainability | arts and entertainment – 71Bait

James Pearson Duffy’s Department of Art and Art History offered a new course on global issues in their fashion design and merchandising program on the fashion sustainability movement this semester. Monika Sinclair, an instructor in fashion design and merchandising, teaches the course and said it focuses on workplace ethics, labor rights and manufacturing practices, fair … Read more