ICv2: April 2022 NPD BookScan – 71Bait

Fueled by the media, Batman and Moon Knight continue to dominate the superhero charts. Webtoon Collections are strong in author list; Reflecting its wide appeal, works by Neil Gaiman appear on both. There are some interesting patterns in the charts of the top 20 author, manga, and superhero graphic novels in the Book Channel based … Read more

Seven Seas licenses Spriggan, Yokohama Shopping Log manga – 71Bait

Seven Seas has announced several rounds of new licenses, including a deluxe adaptation of a classic series known to English-speaking fans as anime rather than manga, a slice-of-life story that has been on English-speaking readers’ wish lists for years and one Newcomer to the burgeoning yakuza genre. Read on for details! spriggan, by Hiroshi Takashige … Read more

Rarely seen paintings by JRR Tolkien depict a lush ‘Lord of the Rings’ landscape | Smart Messages – 71Bait

Extract from Tolkien Conversation with Smaug1937 Courtesy of Tolkien Estate / © The Tolkien Estate Limited In his high fantasy novels, British author JRR Tolkien combined his academic training in languages ​​and his love of storytelling to create Middle-earth, a fictional continent populated by wizards, elves, orcs, dragons, hobbits, talking trees and other mythical creatures … Read more

ICv2: Manga for Kids: Beyond ‘Pokemon’ and ‘Yotsuba&!’ – 71Bait

Children’s comics are booming and manga is booming, but there’s not much overlap: Most manga are rated for ages 13 and up. There is pokemon, natural and Yotsuba&! (which is actually made for adults, although it’s perfectly child-friendly), but what else? In fact, publishers have released more manga aimed at teens, although there’s plenty of … Read more

ICv2: January 2022 NPD BookScan – 71Bait

The new year brings some changes to the top 20 authored, manga and superhero graphic novels in the Book Channel based on NPD BookScan data for January 2022 (22.01.-29.01.22) provided to ICv2. It’s a new year and a new cast for the superhero charts. The holidays are over, so it’s not surprising Sithmas of a … Read more

ICv2: February 2022 NPD BookScan – 71Bait

There is a mix of old favorites and new releases in the table of the top 20 graphic novels by authors, manga and superheroes in the Book Channel, based on NPD BookScan data for February 2022 (01/30/22 – 02/26/22). provided for ICv2. There are four February 2022 releases in the Superhero chart: Moon Knight: The … Read more

5 Manga Movie Adaptations to Add to Your Watchlist > Fandom Spotlite – 71Bait

Are you an avid manga reader who enjoys watching adaptations hit the big screen? Sometimes these adaptations can be a hit or miss depending on how they translate into the film, but every now and then I enjoy trying out these films. Here are five tips for live action originally based on manga series or … Read more

ICv2: March 2022 NPD BookScan – 71Bait

A film, TV show and national politics made their mark on the Book Channel’s Top 20 Authors, Manga and Superhero Graphic Novels charts based on NPD BookScan data for March 2022 (27.2.22-4.2/ 22) provided for ICv2. The release of The Batman had the greatest impact (see “‘The Batman’ Approaches $500M”); While there are always many … Read more