Mashonda Tifrere’s art collection reflects her commitment to supporting living black artists – 71Bait

art market Ayanna Dozier Portrait of Mashonda Tifrere in The Beginning of Legacy at Art Genesis, Los Angeles, 2022 by Beau Gaines. Courtesy of Mashonda Tifrere. Art consultant, curator, and collector Mashonda Tifrere attributes her decision to pursue a career in art to two key factors: growing up surrounded by black artists in 1980s New … Read more

The Artistic Collector Spotlight: Mickalene Thomas – 71Bait

As an artist, Mickalene Thomas challenges entrenched hierarchies in the art world. As a collector, she does the same. Her own collages, installations, photographs, videos, and paintings—intricate acrylic, enamel, and rhinestone pieces for which she is best known—turn art history on its head and spotlight women, people of color, and queer identities. A similar line … Read more

Chicago’s gallery scene is often overlooked—it shouldn’t be – 71Bait

art market Brian P. Kelly Several cities come to mind when discussing America’s contemporary art galleries: Los Angeles with its recent influx of East Coast spaces opening West Coast outposts. Palm Beach, as the growing population and scene support have turned seasonal spots into year-round endeavors. New York, always omnipresent. But Chicago seems to be … Read more