What I’m buying and why: Dubai-based collector Gaelle Alexis on art’s disruption of social mores and her latest acquisition – 71Bait

Lots of naughty women. That’s what you’ll find on the walls of the home of Belgian art collector and consultant Gaelle Alexis. While “misconduct” may seem like a rigid epithet to some, the works – by artists from Genesis Belanger to Jenna Gribbon – take on a transgressive cast in their setting in Dubai, where … Read more

Chicago’s gallery scene is often overlooked—it shouldn’t be – 71Bait

art market Brian P. Kelly Several cities come to mind when discussing America’s contemporary art galleries: Los Angeles with its recent influx of East Coast spaces opening West Coast outposts. Palm Beach, as the growing population and scene support have turned seasonal spots into year-round endeavors. New York, always omnipresent. But Chicago seems to be … Read more