Emma Nuzzo, Founder of Cereus Art, on the challenges artists of color face with the art market – 71Bait

For many aspiring artists, navigating sales with galleries can be daunting. Many artists are ill-equipped to avoid evil collectors, form successful relationships with gallery owners, and understand the $60 billion art industry at large. While an MFA can introduce artists to curators and critics, such degrees rarely provide the professional financial advice artists need to … Read more

Insights into art collectors: inflation, online buying and new collectors – 71Bait

art market artistic What moves today’s art collectors? It’s a question always worth asking, especially in times of economic volatility like the current one. And since the art market revolves around what collectors do—buy art—what affects them also affects the gallerists, curators, and other professionals who help sell the art and make collecting possible. This … Read more

Berlin Art Week explores the idea of ​​value amid rapid gentrification – 71Bait

art market Chiara Zampetti Egidi Installation view of “K60” at Wilhelm Hallen, 2022. Photo by Joe Clark. Courtesy of Halls #3. Berlin Art Week is the city’s most important time for contemporary art. For this year’s edition (September 14-18), more than 50 key players in Berlin’s art world – artists, galleries, project spaces, fairs and … Read more

How many art fairs are galleries participating in this fall? – 71Bait

art market Josie Thaddeus-Johns Installation view of Gallery Fine’s booth at Kiaf Seoul, 2022. Courtesy of Gallery Fine and Kiaf. In the first week of September, Seoul was the place to be. Not only with Frieze’s first expansion into Asia, but also with Kiaf, which was happening at the same time and was held in … Read more

How Noah Davis joined NFT Powerhouse Yuga Labs from leading Christie’s Beeple Sale – 71Bait

art market Mike Marble Portrait of Noah Davis, 2022. Courtesy of the artist. Beeple, detail of Everyday life: The first 5000 days2021. Courtesy of Christie’s. As the person who enabled Beeple’s $69 million sale at Christie’s in February 2021 – the event that propelled NFTs into the mainstream – Noah Davis has already cemented his … Read more

Has the pandemic put an end to galleries’ summer vacation? – 71Bait

art market Josie Thaddeus-Johns Sean Scullys indoor sleeper (2020) installed in front of Thaddeus Ropac, Salzburg. Photo by Ulrich Ghezzi. Courtesy of Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, London • Paris • Salzburg • Seoul. Where are the Thaddaeus Ropac collectors in August? “They are in the Hamptons, in southern France or on their boat,” says the Austrian … Read more

Koray Duman is the go-to architect for the Lower East Side Galleries – 71Bait

art market Osman Can Yerebakan Architect Koray Duman. Photo by Kunning Huang. Courtesy of Koray Duman. Architect Koray Duman’s designs for the art world have taught him that there is an affinity between artists and architects. “One great thing about working with artists is that, like people in my field, they obsess over a detail … Read more

Chicago’s gallery scene is often overlooked—it shouldn’t be – 71Bait

art market Brian P. Kelly Several cities come to mind when discussing America’s contemporary art galleries: Los Angeles with its recent influx of East Coast spaces opening West Coast outposts. Palm Beach, as the growing population and scene support have turned seasonal spots into year-round endeavors. New York, always omnipresent. But Chicago seems to be … Read more

Swivel Gallery’s Graham Wilson on his community-driven approach to the commercial art world – 71Bait

art market Osman Can Yerebakan Graham Wilson, founder of the Swivel Gallery. Photo by Jean Bourbon. Courtesy of Graham Wilson. Swivel Gallery founder Graham Wilson has had many lives in the art world – artist, art dealer, artist manager, assistant. ‘Gallerist’ was added to this varied background when he opened his own offices in Bed-Stuy … Read more