Meet the real Maud Lewis in the new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia | art + culture | Halifax, Nova Scotia – 71Bait

The black cats. The bright colors. The peaceful rural setting. It’s impossible to misidentify a work by Maud Lewis, as Sarah Moore Fillmore, Interim Director & CEO of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, puts it, “You get exactly what you need from the image… very quickly and very emotionally.” .” But despite Lewis’s fame … Read more

“I fell in love with the idea of ​​conserving art on a school trip to Italy” – The Irish Times – 71Bait

On a school trip to Italy I fell in love with the idea of ​​conserving art. In the beautiful churches there were restorers in white coats working on the frescoes on scaffolding and that was amazing to me. I went to school in Cork and have always had an interest in art, heritage and history. … Read more

The American Idea – The Atlantic – 71Bait

In the winter of 1861the second editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, James T. Fields, received a letter from Julia Ward Howe, the abolitionist and suffragist. Her letter was accompanied by a poem that she hoped would be published in that magazine. The letter is worth reading in full: Fields! Do you want this and do you … Read more

Lucire: New York charm – 71Bait

VOLANTE Lola Crystal heads to upstate New York to begin her quest for luxury lodging and dining Beauty, serenity, heritage and notable historical touches define the Queensbury Hotel ( in downtown Glens Falls, New York. The majestic colonial revival style hotel stands tall. Upon entering a vast lobby, the roaring fire beckons, while the grand … Read more

The Graphic Novel and Infected by Art Volume 9 – Locus Online – 71Bait

The History of Science Fiction: A Graphic Novel AdventureXavier Dollo & Djibril Morissette-Phan (Humanoids 978-1-64337-914-2, $29.99, 216 pages, hc) November 2021. Cover by Djibril Morissette-Phan. The History of Science Fiction: A Graphic Novel is an ambitious book from French publisher Humanoids, which – full disclosure – also publishes graphic novels of my husband’s work, including … Read more

Gardens in Bloom: Gulf Weekly Online – 71Bait

By Mai Al Khatib-Camille In the past two years, during the pandemic, there has been a global horticulture boom as people have been more confined to their homes, allowing plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables to bloom in gardens, on window sills and around apartment balconies. According to the Urban Forestry & Urban Greening Journal, “Gardening … Read more

Reflections on Asian Culture: Gulf Weekly Online – 71Bait

Creatives from across the Kingdom will be exhibiting a range of colorful artworks based on their reflections on Asia over the next month to showcase the culture and inspire emerging artists to participate in future events. The Beyond Measure: Reflections of Asia, organized by FilCreatives Bahrain with the support of Bahrain Financial Harbor (BFH) management, … Read more

From AR to VR: A documentary for every reality – 71Bait

Storytelling and its advances mainly aim to make things seem more and more real, to immerse the listener in an experience that seems to have been lived and to make him believe that what he sees on a screen is actually happening or can happen. Artworks using virtual reality and augmented reality often manage to … Read more