What I’m buying and why: Dubai-based collector Gaelle Alexis on art’s disruption of social mores and her latest acquisition – 71Bait

Lots of naughty women. That’s what you’ll find on the walls of the home of Belgian art collector and consultant Gaelle Alexis. While “misconduct” may seem like a rigid epithet to some, the works – by artists from Genesis Belanger to Jenna Gribbon – take on a transgressive cast in their setting in Dubai, where … Read more

What I’m buying and why: Ed Cross on collecting African artists before the market boom and the £20,000 Jadé Fadojutimi work he abandoned – 71Bait

Ed Cross has championed the work of African and African diaspora artists since founding his eponymous gallery 13 years ago. A former artist himself, he has also been a collector for a long time – albeit with a much more modest budget than today. In May, Cross opened the gallery’s first permanent space at 19 … Read more

Dealer and art world veteran Fabienne Lévy on what art collections really reveal about their owners – 71Bait

Fabienne Lévy was born for art. With two parents who encouraged her curiosity and a mother who particularly encouraged her interests, she grew up enjoying the visual delights of art galleries, museums and art fairs around the world. Art does indeed run in the family: Her sister is art dealer Dominique Lévy from the newly … Read more

Art collector Benedicta Badia Nordenstahl on the lost Goya painting and why the price of a work of art is not everything – 71Bait

Over the past two decades, Benedicta Badia Nordenstahl has built an art collection that challenges the status quo and brings out the norms of contemporary life. Nordenstahl’s worldview was shaped by her native Argentina and her experiences in Puerto Rico, Mexico and the United States. Her perspective on collecting changed again when she moved to … Read more