In 2020, world-class arts companies have flocked to the Hamptons. Are they in it for the long haul? – 71Bait

It’s much more than just a summer fling. Two years later, blue-chip galleries and major auction houses rushed to set up shop in the Hamptons to do so Capitalizing on the enclave’s dense population of indefinitely decamped millionaires and billionaires, the local arts scene shows no signs of slowing down. In the early months of … Read more

Designer and art collector Lisa Perry revives a long-established modernist home into a gallery in the Hamptons – 71Bait

Fashion designer Lisa Perry was scrolling through Instagram when she spotted photos of an endangered modernist architectural marvel in the woods of East Hampton. The Long Island hideaway — a glass and steel home built by midcentury architect Paul Lester Wiener — needed a champion. Commissioned in 1962 by legendary art collectors Ethel and Robert … Read more