What mysteries lie beneath the surface of Picasso’s Blue Period paintings? | Smart Messages – 71Bait

Jan Recker Daily Correspondent Over the past two decades, researchers have uncovered hidden underpaintings in several works from Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period. Most famously, investigations around the turn of the millennium uncovered a woman’s face underneath The old guitarist (1903-1904). More recently, conservation has revealed overpainted elements in The Blue Room (1901), Crouching beggar (1902) … Read more

Ancient Rock Carvings Depicting Divine Procession Discovered in Secret Chamber Under Turkish House | Smart Messages – 71Bait

Discovered under a house in south-eastern Turkey, this Assyrian rock painting was hidden by local looters. Mehmet Onal; Interpretation drawings by Önal based on laser scan by Cevher Mimarlık While building a house in Turkey, looters found they had built on top of an old chamber. Instead of alerting local authorities, they began digging themselves … Read more