Treasure Investments Corporation CEO Mark Russo Unveils World’s Largest Pure Silver… | news – 71Bait

BATTLE GROUND, Wash., Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Treasure Investments Corporation (TIC) has completed the grand endeavor of producing the largest single .999 pure silver sculpture ever created of the original Pietà by Michelangelo Buonarroti . TIC has been granted exclusive rights to cast number 1 of 1 and only one ever made in … Read more

New York museums reveal artworks looted by Nazis – 71Bait

ALBANY, New York– Museums in New York that display artworks looted by Nazis during the Holocaust are now required by law to educate the public about these dark chapters in their origins through posters displayed with the stolen objects. According to experts, at least 600,000 works of art were looted by Jewish people before and … Read more

7 ways cats have conquered art history, from the mummified molts of ancient Egypt to the kitten NFT that broke the bank – 71Bait

Artists have long been obsessed with cats. The furry cats have adorned everything from cave walls to canvases, believed to symbolize deities but also laziness, aloofness and even stupidity. Not Long Ago, the aptly titled book by Maria Bustillos Cat is misspelled art (2015) argued that our obsession with cats mimics a desire for self-expression … Read more

Was the painting stolen by Nazis? New York museums need to tell you now | Smart Messages – 71Bait

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City Stan Honda/AFP via Getty Images Behind every work of art hanging on a museum wall is a story, and that story isn’t always pretty. Museums all over the world deal with the legacies of theft, violence and colonialism in their collections. In New York, a new law wants … Read more

Arlene Shechet creates sculptures to transform the Hudson Valley landscape, curates STUFF at Pace Gallery to transcend art history – 71Bait

Arlene Shechet “History Mystery” (2022) Dyed hardwood, steel, glazed ceramic and silver leaf 84″ × … [+] 34″ × 24″ (213.4cm × 86.4cm × 61cm) ‘DREAM A hint of teal draws our gaze from a perfect black circle spliced ​​into a seven foot sculpture composed of interacting layers of stained hardwood, steel, glazed ceramic and … Read more

Reynolda House captures American photorealism | local news – 71Bait

The Reynolda House Museum of American Art had pre-pandemic plans to capture the triad with an American Photorealism exhibit, 28 of the 40 works of which were found near home in the Winston-Salem area. Covid-19 came and the project was put on hold. After two years of patience and generosity from private collectors and institutions … Read more

Personal Treasures: After Decades of Art Collecting, Cynthia and Heywood Fralin Share Paintings in Exhibition at Taubman Museum of Art (copy) | Z-no-digital – 71Bait

Art collecting began as an adventure of giving for two of Roanoke’s most prominent philanthropists. But over the years, Heywood and Cynthia Fralin’s fundus grew. The couple, known for their 19th- and early 20th-century American art, are showing more than 90 pieces to the public in a Taubman Museum of Art exhibition entitled Treasures of … Read more

What mysteries lie beneath the surface of Picasso’s Blue Period paintings? | Smart Messages – 71Bait

Jan Recker Daily Correspondent Over the past two decades, researchers have uncovered hidden underpaintings in several works from Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period. Most famously, investigations around the turn of the millennium uncovered a woman’s face underneath The old guitarist (1903-1904). More recently, conservation has revealed overpainted elements in The Blue Room (1901), Crouching beggar (1902) … Read more

Painting black existence into history – 71Bait

When filmmaker Christine Turner got a call from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) asked if she would be willing to make a film about painters Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. She had followed the work of both artists for several years and once even saw Sherald’s … Read more

Miniature by Sarah Biffin, a 19th-century artist who was born without arms or legs, beats estimates at auction | Smart Messages – 71Bait

Sarah Biffin, Sarah Biffinwatercolor Public domain via the Wellcome Collection A small study of feathers, painted by the famous 19th-century miniaturist Sarah Biffin, fetched $12,023 (£9,000) at auction, far exceeding the estimated price of $6,680 (£5,000), according to auction house Sworders. Born in 1784 without arms or legs to a poor family in Somerset, England, … Read more