Sketch bought at Estate Sale for $30 could be Dürer drawing worth $50 million | Smart Messages – 71Bait

attributed to Albrecht Dürer, The Virgin and Child with a Flower on a Grassy Bencharound 1503 Courtesy of Agnews Gallery In 2016, at a Massachusetts real estate sale, an alert buyer bought a drawing on a whim. The square of unframed, faded linen featured an elegant sketch of a mother and child — and a … Read more

How the “sugar bomber” left a lasting legacy in Cold War Germany Smart Messages – 71Bait

A memorial in Germany honors Halvorsen’s contributions during the Berlin Airlift. OFTW/Wikimedia Commons Gail S. Halvorsen, a US military pilot known as the “Candy Bomber” who dropped candy from his plane at German children in West Berlin during the Cold War, died on February 16 at the age of 101, Colleen Slevin and Kirsten report … Read more