Gregor Sailer’s surreal photos capture remote architecture – 71Bait

Gregor Sailer’s surreal photography: architecture on the fringes of civilization In the new exhibition “Unseen Places” at Kunst Haus Wien, Gregor Sailer looks back on 20 years of work in inaccessible landscapes, sealed off territories and restricted military areas The places that Gregor Sailer visits in his long-term projects are geographically and visually beyond perception. … Read more

Photographer Thomas Ruff weaves the psychedelic into carpets – 71Bait

Dusseldorf-based artist Thomas Ruff’s solo exhibition “dope” opens tomorrow at the David Zwirner gallery in New York and offers unprecedented depth, color and contrast in the artist’s work. Drawing on mathematics, literature, and music to construct images that evoke cellular microcosms, interstellar media, and botanical elements, Ruff explores the liminal spaces between the artificial and … Read more

Documenting the quiet minimalism of MCASD | persons – 71Bait

“The MCASD’s $105 million overhaul, including the new Jacobs Hall, feels more connected to the topography. “It’s a delicate balance of capturing art and architecture for each space,” says Bazzari of her approach. “Do I want to highlight the architecture? and emphasize the artwork? Will the sea view be the focus or how will the … Read more

The Cultural Landscape: Part 5 – 71Bait

TEXT and PHOTOS by KB DIXON As with the portraits in the previous parts of this series, I have focused on the talented, dedicated, and creative people who have made significant contributions to the art, character, and culture of this city and state – in this case, one sculptor, two Musician, actor and writer. My … Read more

The Hulett Collection opens with the ‘Century of Photography’ exhibition | Art & Theater – 71Bait

Michael Hulett’s fascination with photography began with a tree painting. “I was pretty young when I saw this poster with a photo of Ansel Adams,” said the Tulsa native. “I doubt I could have told you at the time why this particular image caught my attention. But I’ve always felt at peace when I’m in … Read more

Marriage of the Media: Mainsite Gallery Presents ‘Between the Spaces’ Exhibition | news – 71Bait

Two of Subway’s creative powerhouses have teamed up to put on an exhibition showcasing their talents. Cody Giles is a photographer and art organizer. Jaiye Farrell is an artist best known for his mesmerizing paintings featuring white lines on black canvases. They have known each other for four years after a chance meeting at one … Read more

Photography and art were celebrated at the National Art Gallery’s Fotoseni exhibition – 71Bait

That photoseni Exhibition at the Portrait Gallery of the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur may not be a big deal, but it is a rare event where photography enthusiasts and art lovers can follow the development of photographic art in Malaysia as well as its application in contemporary art. photoseni has more than 30 … Read more

The Cultural Landscape: Part 4 – 71Bait

TEXT and PHOTOS by KB DIXON “The portrait,” said legendary photographer Arnold Newman, “is a form of biography. Its purpose is to inform now and record for history.” A better, more concise summary of the genre could hardly be imagined. As with the portraits in previous parts of this series, I have focused here on … Read more

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball tour recap: operatic and euphoric – 71Bait

The music stops and two things spill out: a sea of ​​deafening applause and the labored breathing of a pop star willing to sacrifice anything for his audience. Arguably the most committed and still most provocative pop star of her generation, Lady Gaga lets you hear it: the sharp inhalation and exhalation that is the … Read more

Free Arts NYC students on their hopes for the future of arts programming – 71Bait

Last month, Free Arts NYC — an arts organization that supports youth from underfunded communities across the five boroughs — welcomed guests from across the art world to the much-anticipated return of their annual auction. Attendees ate in a room decorated with works by artists including Eddie Martinez, Ana Benaroya, Kaws and the evening’s honoree, … Read more