The Year-Round Allure of the Hamptons | Barrons – 71Bait

With high-profile parties, glamorous crowds and celebrity-packed restaurants, summer in the Hamptons is the subject of endless attention. In the fall and spring, however, this east end of Long Island is just as mesmerizing, but in a very different way. “The Hamptons is full of distractions during the so-called off-season,” says Bruce Michael, a Southampton … Read more

Métiers D’art elevate timepieces to rare decorative objects – 71Bait

The métiers d’art (decorative crafts) of watchmaking are as old as watchmaking itself. When mechanical watches appeared simultaneously in Italy, Germany and France at the turn of the 16th century, they were expensive objects of low precision that required intricate craftsmanship and Displayed embellishments – engraving, enamelling and jewellery, the traditional métiers d’art. Since then, … Read more

The latest mania of the art market – 71Bait

Edward Gargiulo and his wife Evanne are thoughtful, dedicated art collectors who have been buying works for over 30 years, ranging from black and white vintage photography to contemporary drawings and paintings, focusing on artists for the past five years of color. There is work by late artists – including Ed Clark and Lynne Mapp … Read more

Five skills college students need for their future careers – 71Bait

Advances in artificial intelligence and the metaverse will transform the world we live in — and bring new classes to curricula for years to come. Students must learn new skills and refine some older ones to keep up in rapidly evolving fields, educators say. Here is a preview of some of the new offerings students … Read more

Christie’s sale of the Paul Allen collection underscores the strength of the art market – 71Bait

Christie’s announcement late Thursday that it was offering masterpieces from the collection of the late Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen in an estimated $1 billion charity sale is the latest signal that the art market isn’t slowing down . Details of the more than 150 artworks Christie’s will sell in November are still being cataloged, … Read more

Why Balenciaga’s $1,790 trash bag is already a hit – 71Bait

I’m ambivalent about pigeons. Here in New York City, they’re as ubiquitous as parking tickets. They let me peck at my phone just like I leave them to peck at the pizza crust. I’m definitely not going to take one with me. Others seem to think otherwise: check out British fashion brand JW Anderson’s $890 … Read more

20 minutes Featuring: Bonnie Brennan, President of Christie’s Americas – 71Bait

1987, one of Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers Paintings were sold to a Japanese insurance company at Christie’s in London for the equivalent of almost $40 million – an outstanding sum. Bonnie Brennan, President of Christie’s Americas, recalls hearing the news when she was about 13 when her father was driving her to school. Brennan, then … Read more

20 minutes with: the prolific art collector Mohammed Afkhami – 71Bait

As the founder of Dubai-based investment giant Magenta Capital Partners, Mohammed Afkhami knows the art of the deal. And as a voracious collector, he also knows his way around art. Outstanding pieces from his 600-piece collection now form the basis of a new exhibition at the Asia Society Museum in New York. “Rebel, Jester, Mystic, … Read more

Designing a home fit for an impressive art collection – 71Bait

The room in Mathieu Bruyns’ new apartment where the partygoers gather and which gets the most oohs and aahs isn’t exactly easy to find. The apartment’s 2,200 square meters — two bedrooms, overlooking the lively Congolese neighborhood of Matonge in Brussels — is spread over three half-floors, with jumps and spirals that tend to put … Read more

Mexico is trying a new tactic to get its antiques back: social pressure – 71Bait

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s global search for missing ancient artifacts recently led to a storage room in Stockholm where two 2,000-year-old ceramic figurines used decades ago to advertise the Mexican liquor Kahlúa were gathering dust. The surprised Swedish corporate archivist who found the statuettes this spring contacted a Mexican embassy official who called anthropologists in … Read more