20 minutes with: the prolific art collector Mohammed Afkhami – 71Bait

As the founder of Dubai-based investment giant Magenta Capital Partners, Mohammed Afkhami knows the art of the deal. And as a voracious collector, he also knows his way around art. Outstanding pieces from his 600-piece collection now form the basis of a new exhibition at the Asia Society Museum in New York. “Rebel, Jester, Mystic, … Read more

Designing a home fit for an impressive art collection – 71Bait

The room in Mathieu Bruyns’ new apartment where the partygoers gather and which gets the most oohs and aahs isn’t exactly easy to find. The apartment’s 2,200 square meters — two bedrooms, overlooking the lively Congolese neighborhood of Matonge in Brussels — is spread over three half-floors, with jumps and spirals that tend to put … Read more

Mexico is trying a new tactic to get its antiques back: social pressure – 71Bait

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s global search for missing ancient artifacts recently led to a storage room in Stockholm where two 2,000-year-old ceramic figurines used decades ago to advertise the Mexican liquor Kahlúa were gathering dust. The surprised Swedish corporate archivist who found the statuettes this spring contacted a Mexican embassy official who called anthropologists in … Read more

7 of the best Valentine’s Day flowers delivered from just $32 – 71Bait

Getty Images/iStockphoto Let love bloom this year this Valentine’s Day. While there are many flower services to help arrange the perfect bouquet for that special someone, it’s important to consider fresh flowers and where they come from before you hit order. “Care on arrival will be different in a supermarket than in a flower shop, … Read more

Africa sees some artifacts returning home but is looking for far more – 71Bait

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Apollo John Rwamparo speaks despairingly of the eight-legged stool, a symbol of authority for his ancient kingdom in Uganda, which can now be seen through a glass barrier at a museum thousands of miles away in Britain. The wooden stool is on permanent display at the University of Oxford, one of at … Read more

Made-in-Japan manga goes global with Webtoon, Deadpool – 71Bait

TOKYO — Deadpool, meet All Might. Perhaps nothing highlights how the world of manga, Japanese-born comics, and animation has improved globally than the coming together of superheroes, Americans, and Japanese. In Deadpool: Samurai, Marvel’s Deadpool receives help in his battle against evil from All Might, the muscular hero of My Hero Academia, a hit Japanese … Read more

Why Dimitris Daskalopoulos donated his art collection to four museums – 71Bait

Greek entrepreneur and art collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos says he built his art collection over nearly 30 years by finding works that tell a story “about the wonder of human existence and the struggle in this luminous interval we call life.” . The artists whose work he sought ranged from David Hammons to Louise Bourgeois, Sarah … Read more

Darren Walker of the Ford Foundation receives France’s highest award – 71Bait

NEW YORK — Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation and pre-eminent liaison and advocate for artists and arts institutions, joined the exclusive company of global superstars such as Stevie Wonder, TS Eliot and Meryl Streep to receive France’s highest cultural award. Walker was appointed Commander of the French Order of Arts and Letters on … Read more

Online pro gun extremism: “Cool for active shooter stuff” – 71Bait

The young man in jeans and sunglasses proudly displays his gun in the YouTube video, then instructs his 1 million subscribers on how to add an extra clip to his gun belt and offers a chilling observation. It’s a typical video, one of thousands teaching civilian gun owners military training and tactics, instructions on silencers … Read more

Fayez Sarofim, investor and buffet-style art collector, dies aged 93 – 71Bait

Fayez Sarofim, an Egyptian immigrant who built a successful investment firm with a similar approach to Warren Buffett, died in Houston on Saturday at the age of 93. Sarofim, who became a billionaire, had an eye for art as good as for stocks. In nearly 60 years he amassed a large, museum-quality collection, including works … Read more